Kent Moth Group

We had a really positive meeting of 30 East Kent Moth-ers yesterday at which we agreed to form a Kent Moth Group which will cover the whole county.  Anyone who is interested in joining the group should email  The main agreements made at the meeting where as follows:

  • The group will meet 6 monthly
  • Karen B and Dave S to contact mothers to invite them to submit records and / or join the group
  • Karen B, Dave S and Richard O to develop a new website for the group
  • All mothers to submit records in a usable format for mapmate
  • Field trips will continue to be arranged informally
  • Information on significant species and migrants to be prioritized for the website and report
  • An electronic newsletter / report will be produced once sufficient data has been verified
  • A small group will meet monthly to oversee progress. Initially this will be Karen Bartlett, Ian and Sally Hunter, Dave Shenton, Ian Hodgson and Francis Solly
  • Close links with Kent Butterfly Conservation to be established

1 thought on “Kent Moth Group

  1. A proper Kent Moth Group was very much needed, you can count me as a member. Will there be field trips? I always thought that “mothers” was hyphenated thus, “moth-ers” This is how have always used it.


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