Festoon (Apoda limacodes)

Festoon - Ian Hodgson

Festoon – Ian Hodgson

Festoon (Apoda limacodes) (173, 53.001) is a nationally scarce B moth.  It is found locally in the southern half of England, mainly in Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, Susses, Surrey and Kent.

In Kent the distribution is mainly in land and to the north. The larval foodplants are Pedunculate Oak but also other oaks and Beech. Numbers have be fairly constant since 1998 at around 40 per annum, with peak counts in 2006 (113) and 2010 (128).

Earliest and latest dates recorded:

East Kent VC 15 West Kent VC 16
Earliest date 1 June 16 May
Latest date 31 August 29 July