Phenology Macros

In lieu of a report we have decided to publish a summary of the data from 2017, 2018 and 2019. Hopefully it is elf explanatory but please contact us if you have any questions. You can download the summaries (containing earliest and latest dates, monthly counts and phenology graphs) below:

Below are the phenology graphs for macros recorded in numbers greater than 100 in total between 2011 – 2017.

This data is taken from the county moth recorders database and has not been fully verified. For more information about each species please visit UK Moths website.

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Common nameTotal count 2011 – 17Phenology & distribution maps – Please click to see larger images
Alder Moth132
Angle Shades15107
Angle-barred Pug113
Archer’s Dart1713
August Thorn161
Autumnal Rustic2052
Barred Red160
Barred Rivulet204
Barred Sallow1636
Barred Straw2010
Barred Yellow989
Beaded Chestnut5188
Beautiful Golden Y188
Beautiful Hook-tip344
Birch Mocha114
Bird’s Wing360
Black Arches1646
Black Rustic9659
Black-veined Moth161
Blair’s Shoulder-knot1678
Blotched Emerald351
Bloxworth Snout238
Blue-bordered Carpet214
Bordered Beauty485
Bordered Pug260
Bordered Sallow1172
Bordered Straw371
Bordered White126
Bright Wave2168
Bright-line Brown-eye18499
Brimstone Moth21987
Brindled Beauty360
Brindled Green530
Brindled Pug3068
Brindled White-spot400
Broad-barred White1996
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing4158
Broken-barred Carpet311
Broom Moth126
Brown Rustic961
Brown Silver-line883
Brown-line Bright-eye1788
Brown-spot Pinion255
Brown-veined Wainscot217
Buff Arches5291
Buff Ermine14318
Buff Footman1321
Bulrush Wainscot224
Burnet Companion243
Burnished Brass2211
Cabbage Moth5344
Canary-shouldered Thorn1213
Centre-barred Sallow1436
Chalk Carpet301
Channel Islands Pug147
Chinese Character3735
Clancy’s Rustic280
Clay Fan-foot123
Clay Triple-lines212
Clifden Nonpareil109
Cloaked Minor3615
Clouded Border7397
Clouded Brindle379
Clouded Drab7251
Clouded Silver4575
Clouded-bordered Brindle151
Common Carpet4994
Common Emerald3015
Common Footman36871
Common Heath153
Common Lutestring647
Common Marbled Carpet9185
Common Pug3668
Common Quaker31554
Common Rustic agg.45016
Common Swift9243
Common Wainscot13407
Common Wave2850
Common White Wave1918
Convolvulus Hawk-moth369
Copper Underwing3181
Copper Underwing agg.457
Coxcomb Prominent566
Cream Wave213
Cream-bordered Green Pea2808
Cream-spot Tiger778
Currant Pug418
Cypress Carpet1583
Cypress Pug2822
Dark / Grey Dagger3218
Dark Arches83237
Dark Chestnut1033
Dark Spectacle1529
Dark Sword-grass5408
Dark Tussock835
Dark Umber160
Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet395
December Moth916
Deep-brown Dart950
Dew Moth480
Dingy Footman13143
Dingy Shears171
Dingy Shell127
Dog’s Tooth555
Dot Moth6546
Dotted Border1347
Dotted Chestnut155
Dotted Fan-foot193
Double Kidney214
Double Lobed305
Double Square-spot5884
Double-striped Pug10126
Dusky Brocade1259
Dusky Sallow4217
Dusky Thorn2537
Dusky-lemon Sallow295
Dwarf Cream Wave3693
Dwarf Pug124
Ear Moth agg1151
Early Grey4614
Early Moth335
Early Thorn2336
Early Tooth-striped226
Elephant Hawk-moth7478
Eyed Hawk-moth831
Feathered Brindle5897
Feathered Gothic2916
Feathered Ranunculus8339
Feathered Thorn1038
Fen Wainscot477
Fiery Clearwing158
Figure of Eighty710
Flame Carpet326
Flame Shoulder24522
Flounced Rustic34529
Four-spotted Footman309
Fox Moth226
Foxglove Pug1047
Freyer’s Pug906
Frosted Orange1104
Galium Carpet517
Garden Carpet9549
Garden Tiger2351
Ghost Moth463
Gold Spot821
Gold Swift119
Grass Eggar1175
Grass Emerald2815
Grass Rivulet1090
Great Prominent206
Green Arches156
Green Carpet4267
Green Pug3393
Green Silver-lines783
Green-brindled Crescent1865
Grey Arches300
Grey Birch111
Grey Pine Carpet784
Grey Pug841
Grey Shoulder-knot251
Gypsy moth110
Haworth’s Pug974
Heart & Club22901
Heart & Dart88441
Hebrew Character23210
Hedge Rustic1564
Hoary Footman480
Hummingbird Hawk-moth2008
Ingrailed Clay1448
Iron Prominent1455
Jersey Tiger4621
July Highflyer2812
Kent Black Arches1060
Knot Grass2722
L-album Wainscot7933
Langmaid’s Yellow Underwing703
Large Emerald397
Large Nutmeg311
Large Ranunculus544
Large Thorn233
Large Twin-spot Carpet221
Large Wainscot4273
Large Yellow Underwing160259
Latticed Heath972
Lead-coloured Drab104
Lead-coloured Pug162
Least Black Arches933
Least Carpet12674
Least Yellow Underwing1753
Leopard Moth395
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing38300