Phoenix (Eulithis prunata)

Phoenix Eulithis prunata (1754, 70.089) widely distributed and regularly seen, in small numbers, throughout England and Wales.

Phoenix - Ian Hodgson

Phoenix – Ian Hodgson

In Kent there have been few records, approximately 744 since 1900.  It was recorded in single figures in most years until 1994 when a total of 28 were recorded. Since then numbers have remained in double figures apart from 2014 when only 8 were recorded.  The maximum annual count was 68 in 2005.

Very few sites have records that reach double figures, these include Dungeness, Orpington, Ramsgate and Wingham.

The larval foodplants are Black Currant, Red Currant and Gooseberry. They are more frequent on shaded plants.

Earliest and latest dates recorded:

East Kent VC 15 West Kent VC 16
Earliest date 14 April 12 May
Latest date 9 September 17 September