Latest sightings:SBBO 5/3

A few early stages found by Dave Shenton and Leonard Cooper around Sandwich Bay ahead of Saturday’s meeting:
Exoteleia dodecella mine on Pinus
Coleophora alticolella/glaucicolella case on Rush
Stigmella aurella mines on bramble
Epiphyas postvittana larva in spinning on Privet
Bucculatrix nigricomella mine on Ox-eye Daisy
Phyllonorycter leucographella mine on Pyracantha




Another from the case files

The mobile larval cases of Coleophora argentula seem to be quite plentiful this year.

Although a bit like a needle in a haystack at first, it’s worth having a close look at any Yarrow seed heads; once you get your eye in, they can be quite easy to spot. They can sometimes be found on the stems, in which case (no pun intended) they are much easier to find.

Get on the case

There are still quite a few early stages to be found, including various Coleophorid larval cases.  The bonus is that with many of these, the combination of food plant and case structure allow you to confirm these species, and all without recourse to the most cruel cut of all…

I found the following species this weekend, at various sites across East Kent.  The larval feeding signs are often quite obvious and betray the presence of the case-bearing larva below.

Coleophora lineolea on Stachys

Coleophora solitariella on Stellaria


Coleophora albitarsella on Glechoma

Coleophora gryphipennella on Rosa